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Getting a routine physical is one of the best ways to practice preventive health care. Board-certified Robert Mmereole, MD, and Paulina Mmereole, NP, offer same-day physicals at Mmereole Health in West New York, New Jersey. Whether it’s time for an annual physical, your child needs a sports physical, or you need a pre-employment physical, you can schedule an appointment by calling the office or using the online booking feature.

Physicals Q & A

Why do I need a routine physical?

Routine physicals are the foundation of preventive health care. The primary goal of a yearly physical is to protect your health and prevent chronic diseases. When you go in for a physical, your provider at Mmereole Health identifies early signs of disease and takes steps to treat the problem before it turns into a serious health condition.

What should I expect during a yearly physical?

After checking your weight and taking vital signs, your yearly physical begins with a review of your medical history and questions about your lifestyle habits and any symptoms you’ve noticed. Then your provider performs a thorough physical exam and orders routine lab tests, drawing your blood in the office.

A physical for adult men and women may include any of the following.

  • Women’s health (pelvic exam, Pap smear, birth control)
  • Men’s health (testicular exam, prostate cancer screening)
  • Test for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Screening for chronic disease
  • Vaccinations
  • Skin screening
  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Weight loss management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Mental health assessment

During well-child visits, children and teens also have a complete physical, as well as developmental screenings as needed, vaccinations, vision and hearing screenings, and a general assessment of their lifestyle, sleep, and diet habits.

What other physicals might I receive?

The team at Mmereole Health performs several types of physicals, including:

School physicals

Before entering school, children must be up to date with their vaccinations and have a physical exam. During a school physical, your provider may evaluate your child’s:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Dental health
  • Head, scalp, and skin
  • Eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Abdomen
  • Posture
  • Weight

Children may also need urine or blood tests, depending on the results of their physical.

Sports physical

Before children and teens can play in a school sport, they need to have a sports physical. The purpose of a sports physical is to be sure your child can safely participate in their activity. Their provider at Mmereole Health carefully examines their bones, muscles, and joints, and evaluates any problem that could be aggravated by athletic activities, such as an earlier fracture, sprain, or concussion.

Pre-employment physicals

Some employers require a pre-employment physical to verify you’re physically able to meet the demands of the job. You may also need to have drug and alcohol testing, tuberculosis screening, and a vision test. 

If you need to schedule a physical, call Mmereole Health or use the online booking feature.